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A Hopeful Event

Updated: Feb 15, 2020

For some time I have decried the lack of any serious bible printer who was willing to print the Cambridge Bible as AW Pollard edited it 100 years ago. Today we call that edition the Pure Cambridge Text. I am jumping ahead of my planned narrative in stating this, but Pollard's text carefully collated during WWI culled out those exuberant corrections that Scrivener had made while at the same time keeping the helpful corrections that he had implemented. Like Blayney and Scrivener who had left accounts of their work, Pollard left an account in his book, Documents of the English Bible.

Pollard's work was the 6th purification of the King James Bible and for all essential purposes, it was perfect. The Cambridge printers however submitted their text to one last purification over the next decade in which they submitted their text to the English Speaking public and offered financial rewards for anyone who could find any error. From all over the world, readers found a comma here and an italicized word there, that the type setters had erred in. This ever so fine filtering was the 7th purification of the text. A person picking up a Cambridge Text Bible printed after WWI and until Jerry Hooper's mistake in 1985, have a perfect bible which corresponds perfectly with a bible which could sit on a pulpit in heaven.

When Cambridge, the last university authorized by Henry VIII and Charles I to print bibles, and which still sought to print accurately, sought to implement a Scrivener error back into their text in 1985, it represented the first full regression in their editing and printing since they first printed a bible in 1629. Fortunately there were some small private printers who printed an accurate text. World Publishers had done so until being bought out by Zondervan. Local Church Bible Publishers had done an excellent job until they followed Jerry Hoopers misdirection and since then have begun to implement mindless little corrections at will.

The good news is that Church Bible Publishers of Cadillac, Michigan has announced their intention of printing an edition of the Old Fashioned Cambridge Text. Brother Dennis Deneau has recently spent $12,500 to buy a scanner and to have it calibrated so that he can make the textual corrections necessary to restore printing the word of God to its purity. He is now subscribing donations to allow him to purchase $22,000 worth of paper. That will only cover the cost of the paper and doesn't touch the actual printing costs and the cost of covers.

If you are someone who groans over the changes made to the word of God, this is the time to act. Brother Deneau is an experienced printer with a history of exceptional quality. He has only recently started this newest venture and has been limited to only printing an altered text until he could get his scanner operating. If you can help him financially, please contact him at 231-942-2638 or on his website

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