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A Brief Look at Verses

February 16, 2017

     Those of you who know my ministry know that I am especially fascinated with verse markings in the word of God.  I was taught from my first contact with the church wherein I would eventually get saved that the King James Bible as represented by the Cambridge Text (at that time unchanged) was the word of God.  We did not look beyond it for further revelation.  Every thought that we had of God, every feeling we had, every experience that we experienced, and every opinion that we heard was weighed by the words of the King James Bible.  

     I have consistently run into people who consider that narrow at the best and cultish at worst.  I take Jonathan's defense.  1Sa 14:29, Then said Jonathan, My father hath troubled the land: see, I pray you, how mine eyes have been enlightened, because I tasted a little of this honey.  I have dipped my sword into the forbidden honey and my eyes have been enlightened.  Anyone who suggests that believing every single jot and tittle of a King James Bible as constituted by Cambridge prior to 1985 is narrow or harmful needs to be classified with Saul.  While Jonathan fought with strength and open eyes the rest of Israel stumbled in hunger.  

     I want to point out an anomaly in the Book of Nehemiah.  I make it a point while reading the word of God to divide my reading in accordance with the number of chapters in a book.  In Genesis there are 50 chapters so I read 5 a day for 10 days.  Some books do not easily divide and therefore I read them in one day.  Nehemiah is such a book.  When I come to Nehemiah I budget plenty of time on that day to read it.  

     Nehemiah is a book about two rebuilding projects.  The walls of Jerusalem and the Temple are rebuilt and when that is done the worship of God is rebuilt.  The two do not intermingle.  There are 404 verses in the book.  For the first 202 verses physical things are being rebuilt.  The very last thing recorded as having been built is the pulpit and that is recorded in Nehemiah 8:4.   That is the 202nd verse, it marks the end of physical rebuilding.  The last 202 verses start with Nehemiah 8:5.  In that verse Ezra open the book and the people stand.  From that point on all that is rebuilt is the worship of God.  

     Coincidence? I think not.  As this blog progresses I will point out other places in the word of God where a pattern emerges demonstrating that the very verse markings of our sacred text reveal the hand of God.  I do not claim to understand that pattern any more than I can explain the cosmos.  I can however stare up at the stars and see the hand of God.  With the same eye I see the verses in my bible and I see the hand of God.  Don't mess with them.  


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