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June 17, 2017

Youth Week at The Black Creek Baptist Church


June 26 – June 30, 2017


Youth is defined as any person between the ages of Newborn to 111 years of age.  Exceptions can be made for older persons.  Young people between the ages of 12 to young adult can camp or bunk together in a safe environment.  Lodging can be found for others in area homes or commercial lodging


Sunday:  10:00 Sunday School

                 11:00 Evangelist Cliff Taylor

                   1:00 Evangelist Cliff Taylor


Monday evening the special services start at 7:00 PM


Tuesday through Friday there will be preaching at 10:00 each morning and 7:00 each evening. 


Note: Thursday Morning Services will be held at Letchworth State Park


      Evangelist Timothy McVey will be this year’s moderator.  His instructions are specific.  He is under no obligation to preach every preacher who comes.  Brother McVey has invited Ron Williams of Hephzibah House of Winona Lake, Indiana to participate this year.  He intends to have him as one of the morning preachers each morning. 

      This meeting is known for its spontaneity.  We trust that the spontaneity of this meeting has been and will continue to be the leading of the Spirit of God upon the moderator.  As a result, Pastor John Asquith takes no part in the decisions about preacher scheduling.  Please do not come if you will be offended at not being called upon to preach.  Perhaps your fellowship, your prayer and (oh yes) your money is why God wants you here.  Perhaps God will do for you what he has done for so many others.  He will touch you deeply.  Each year we see people affected for life in godly ways. 


      This year there will be two other, hour long sessions on Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons at 1:00 immediately after lunch.  They will explore the topic, “Why Do Hurt People Hurt People” after an essay by the same name written by Joseph Mattera and which can be readily accessed via the internet.  We seek to open a discussion among Bible believing pastors and workers on the increasing epidemic of hurt and abuse infiltrating our churches. 


Please know that you are invited to come and that we would love to have you. 

Contact Pastor John Asquith at asquithjm@gmail.com  or 716-997-6648, or Evangelist Timothy McVey at theevangelist@zoho.com or 443-534-5431.       

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