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Are the verse markings inspired?

July 10, 2017

       We can use the Book of Nehemiah to begin the discussion of the King James Bible’s numbering system.  The numbering system is subtle and almost always just under the surface.  It takes a unique twist in Nehemiah.  To understand that you need to remember that two things are rebuilt in Nehemiah.  The physical destruction wrought by the Babylonians is rebuilt with the rebuilding of the walls, their gates and rebuilding the temple.  The second thing rebuilt is the worship of the God of Israel. 

      From Nehemiah 1:1 to Nehemiah through Nehemiah 8:4 the work of physically rebuilding Jerusalem is carried out.  The last thing mentioned as having been constructed is the pulpit upon which Nehemiah would speak.  From Nehemiah 8:5 through Nehemiah 13: 31 the worship of God is restored and there is no more physical rebuilding. 

      Nehemiah has 404 verses.  The first 202 (exactly half) are from Nehemiah 1:1 to Nehemiah 8:4. The last 202 verses are from Nehemiah 8:5 through Nehemiah 13:31.  The verses on rebuilding the worship start with Ezra opening the book in Nehemiah 8:5.  The book of Nehemiah divides exactly in half when measured in verses, between rebuilding the physical city and rebuilding the worship.  Coincidence?  Be careful if you think so.  For far too long we have been taught that the verse markings of our bible are man-made and not from God.  In the upcoming posts, I will show much evidence to put such ignorance to rest.

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