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Carrying a perfect King James Bible full of errors

Updated: Feb 13, 2020

Not long after I was converted to Jesus Christ, someone gave me an Oxford Printing of a New Scofield Bible that I carried for several years. I would hear preachers preach about the good old Scofield Bible and they, through preaching, reassured me that I carried the absolute best Bible that man could produce.

That Bible was well worn, and read many times from cover to cover, and yet I had no idea of what was truly in a New Scofield Bible, but I still would have stated the familiar response to anyone who asked; "I believe it by faith". That would normally have settled the matter for me, except that a man who is involved in the work of publishing Bibles, challenged me to examine my Bible, and compare it to one of "his" Bibles that he had for sale. When I saw the many changes that had been made by Oxford Press, I realized that someone had to be right, and someone had to be wrong on this issue, and after much prayer and research, the truth was told about the person that was in the wrong.

It was me!!

My New Scofield was full of footnote deceipt, margin note folly, and hundreds of words that had been changed. Yet no one was sounding the alarm. My publisher friend, to whom I am ever indebted, had a better text than what I was carrying, but after many years of research, I discovered that even they had made changes without any oversight over those changes. It was then that I learned that anyone can edit and publish a Bible and call in the "Good Old King James" and yet not have any oversight over spelling, punctuation, and even doctrinal changes that take place.

Many would say "Did you lose faith when you found out your Bible was full of illicit changes?", and to them I would say NO! Did the Lord step aside in His Deity when I found out my perfect Bible was in error? Again I would say NO! So what changed? Who changed? Why did it change?

My thinking!!

The questions that I would like to ask our blog readers are simply this.

  • Do you have a perfect Bible?

  • Do you believe that you can have a perfect Bible?

  • Would you change out your modified text for a perfect text if you found out it existed?

If you answer no to these questions, then please enjoy other websites on the web, because this one will not be for you.

If you answered yes, then please check back often, ask questions, provide insight, and respond to the blogs on this site, as we pursue the truth and the Hope that is to come.

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