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A Perfect Text? Part I

Updated: Apr 11, 2022

I remember when my objection to ever really believing the bible was my belief in evolution. A few times in my young adult life a believer had tried to approach me about the concept of creation. I couldn't take such arguments seriously. Quite frankly, anything that they had to say just went in one ear and out of the other. I can empathize with the people with whom I talk to about the bible. I know that the case I am making to a typically educated person sounds too silly to be considered. I am not here to reason with people who believe in the myths of two celled, four celled, or even 100 celled creatures. They don't exist, they never have existed and evolutionists accept their existence by faith. I am using their incredulity and their instant dismissal of bible truths to make a point.

Similarly, once I began to accept and read the bible, and when I was first confronted about the veracity of the King James Bible, it seemed either legalistic or cultish to confine myself to just one version. So now when I speak with the typical neo-evangelical or fundamentalist that accepts the other versions, I know that my opening statements about the perfection and infallibility of the King James Bible won't be taken seriously. There is a wall put up quickly that perhaps an enterprising thief could slip over but the truth rarely can.

That same wall is now going up within the King James crowd about the concept of a perfect King James Bible text. One of two things usually happens, either the listener is amazed that someone could be so nit picky, or that person has bought into the reasoning exemplified by modern Fundamentalist printers and has begun to accept the new genetically modified text being printed at such outlets as Local Church Bible Publishers as the historic text of the King James Bible. I can assure my readers as someone who can lay his hands on copies of 400 years of King James Bibles, that the text being printed today by such publishers never existed before. It is a new text added to the pantheon of texts that have been attempted over the centuries.

To these printer's credit they haven't done it for filthy lucre's sake. Like almost every other innovation in spelling, punctuation and capitalization they saw irregularities, they heard the complaints of the brethren, gave it some consideration without proper historical guidance and acted. Hence we have the many competing texts.

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