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A Perfect Text? Part III

Updated: Apr 11, 2022

Yes, there is a perfect text. Why would God give us a perfect bible as most King James Bible believers believe that we have and then give us a faulty text? A faulty text means a faulty bible. The highest standard ever achieved by men for a bible that a man could hold in his hands and proclaim it as the word of God is the Cambridge text of the Bible as represented by its c1918 to c1985. It is impossible to point to any word, spelling, punctuation or capitalization that is doctrinally wrong. Every other text of the King James Bible bears pollution in doctrine because of erroneous textual changes. In later posts I will demonstrate two distinct irrefutable doctrinal errors that exist in Local Church Bible Publishers' text.

The following is an exert from their website: What is the Pure Cambridge Edition (PCE) text or the 1900 edition Cambridge?These are both the same text and they are also known as the Standard text. It is an out-of-print Cambridge text, determined to be ‘pure\’ by Mr. Verschuur, a young and ambitious Pentecostal man from Australia. His research is fairly exhaustive, and he is to be commended for it. But his conclusions, that the Cambridge text he uses is in all points superior to other Cambridge texts, cannot be defended, at every point. On these points he relies on his ‘Pentecostal’ experiences to defend them, as described in his book, “Guide to the Pure Cambridge Edition of the King James Bible.”

How clever to find a vocal proponent of a truth and then reject that truth based on the man's heresy! Actually the first man to believe that the c1918 text was perfect was A.W. Pollard. I doubt that any critics of the text have more education, have done more research, have a better understanding of the English Language and have examined more texts then he has. Shall we discount the truth of the Apostle Paul's ministry in Philippi because a devil possessed woman was the loudest in proclaiming it? By the above reasoning we can discount Paul. I can tell you another person who believes the text. I do. I am not a Pentecostal.

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