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Linguistics and Context Part II

Updated: Feb 15, 2020

Have you ever read a novel in which the writer came across as reckless in their use of common English? It probably wasn't enjoyable. Many intellectuals write using complicated words and phrases to appeal to the wisdom of other intellectuals, but the common man does not enjoy such reading because it takes training and education to quickly identify what is being said in a sentence, without having to read with a dictionary and thesaurus at hand. Enjoyment differs from person to person. Some enjoy science fiction, while others enjoy intellectual reading, and others simply enjoy gardening periodicals. Each of us can enjoy reading about what we like to learn about, as long as the subject is well written. Louis La'mour was one of the greatest writers in American History, but literary snobs (experts) still criticize his quick read books while dissecting his novels and attacking them in periodical book reviews. Why would they attack his writing style? Why would they care after 50 years of mass produced books? Could it be that there is a small group of intellectuals that wants to control the literature that is being disseminated, or is it simply jealousy over the success of Mr. La'mour's writings? The fact is that the books of Louis La'mour appealed to men, women, boys and girls, across a wide range or cultural and age groups, while successfully telling a story so simple that a young child could easily be engrossed within its pages. I personally have read every Louis La'mour book that I could get my hands on. Was the appeal to my intellect? No! Was the appeal to my pride? No! The appeal was that it was common language, written for common people that told a story of flashing guns, flash floods and flashy horses, in a world that I can never live in. Were 120 million purchasers so uneducated that they were duped into buying his books, or were they engrossed in the story being told? Mr. La'mour would tell of a rock slide, followed by the racking of a gun slide, and follow it up with a slide under a bush for cover. Was I ever confused over the use of the word "slide"? Did I have to get out a dictionary or a thesaurus to accomodate my curiosity as to why this same word shows up in 3 different places, and the try to convince myself that it meant the same thing? No! Did I quit going down the slide on the playground in protest? No! What I did do in response was get out a flashlight night after night, and slide down into the blankets and secretly read of a world that fascinated me with its beauty, its people and its happy endings. I suspect that most people read more books about the King James Bible then they actually read the King James Bible. There are several reasons why they might try to say what it is not actually saying. They may have been taught that the intellectual approach to the Bible is tried and true and that millions of historians and teachers of language cannot be wrong. They are trusting a man that should not be trusted. Matthew 7:14 - "Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it." Very few historians, and even fewer teachers of language have found that gate. I Corinthians 2:14 - "But the natural man receiveth not the things of the Spirit of God: for they are foolishness unto him: neither can he know them, because they are spiritually discerned." Many are blind men following blind men. I read the Bible because it tells me of a fascinating world in which I live. Fascinating because of the awfulness of sin, and the ruination of lives, but even more fascinating because there is a hope and His name is Jesus. I read the Bible it because it is simple and yet so complex. I read it because it is enjoyable. I read it because the stories become as real as Muldoon and Kilkenny slugging it out at the water trough in my cheap dime novel. I read it because it takes me to places that I will never see. I read it as an intellectual. I read it as a novice. I read it to learn of gardening, and yes, it even has some space travel towards the end. I read it because it takes to me places that someday I will see, and tells me of my future. I read it because I believe it. I read it because its true.

To the critics I write these words. Faithful and True!

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