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Good News on the Bible Front!

After a lull of 10 years in which no major Bible publisher adhered to the Cambridge Text of the Word of God as edited by A. W. Pollard, Church Bible Publishers has released a perfect Bible. It can be purchased from their website at It is their new Notetakers Bible. It features a a clear bold text with extra wide margins. It has a genuine calf skin leather cover. A person studying from this Bible can trust every single letter, punctuation, capitalization and italicization to be exactly as God wants it.

For those who want to know who AW Pollard is, his book Documents of the English Bible can still be purchased off Amazon and other book selling websites. Before undertaking the task of editing the seventh purification of the English text, he compiled every document extant about the English Bible. He contributed an excellent chapter in which he explains in terms that the layman can understand what Scrivener got wrong 40 years earlier and how that can be proved.

Scrivener, a reviser of the Bible who colluded on the RV Bible along with Westcott and Hort also attempted to revise the King James Bible itself. Modern printers have been slowly and subtly adding his corrections without telling anyone. Every man has been doing that which is right in his own eyes.

I highly encourage all who love true study of the Word of God to buy one of these Bibles. You will have a Bible which is exactly like the Bible that God the Father has on pulpit in heaven. Pray for Church Bible Publishers as they slowly and methodically purge their old stock of other King James Bible and reprint the perfect Word of God.

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