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Updated: Aug 5, 2022

Pure Cambridge Text is about to complete its first year. During this year Paul Scott, Timothy McVey and I have been free to post whatsoever we thought was relevant to a discussion on the perfection of the King James Bible. We have discussed the history of the Cambridge text. We have discussed nuances of specific words that are often changed in different King James Bible versions. We have highlighted the amazing accuracy of the text through defining words and explaining prepositions.

During this year we have not broken any records for web traffic. We have a total of 32 subscribers who are automatically updated whenever we publish; and any new posts usually garner between 30 and 40 hits from non-subscribers. In other words, we have what is equivalent to a small congregation of people who pretty regularly tune in to see what we have to say. It is slowly growing.

We have discussed the option of putting the first year of writing into book form. Both Paul Scott and I have published posts which we intend to be chapters in upcoming books. If we saw a need or an interest in having those same chapters as well as our other posts collected into a book, we would gladly do it. If any of our readers has an opinion on this we would be glad to hear it. If anyone feels that they have an audience for such a book, we would like to know. Drop us an email at

Regardless of our future plans (and we do intend to continue), we are grateful to each of you who have read these posts. You have encouraged us. I am especially grateful to Brother Mike Sutherland for his many comments, and his keen eye to spot errors. He, like many of our readers is no slackard in the issues of the text and in the means of grace.

Together with so many of you, we have not thought it a strange thing that God could provide the 21st century with a perfect Bible. We believe that the Lord Jesus Christ receives honor and glory through the exultation of his word. We believe that word to be the King James Bible, and we believe that it is under assault from well meaning brethren as well as infidels. Perhaps this small effort will be useful to the Holy Ghost in publishing the truth.

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