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Charity vs. Love

In 1881 the Church of England began to publish the Revised Version New Testament. In 1885 it published the Old Testament and in 1894 it published the Apocrypha, thus completing the snare to entrap and humble the British Empire. What the Spanish Armada could not do, and what Napoleon could not do, the Church of England set in motion by corrupting the very Word of God that had sustained the greatness of Britain. Within 100 years, Britain was a shell of its former self, a semi socialist, second rate world power.

Perhaps there is no word that more sums up the folly of the Revised Version (RV) than its substitution of the word "love" for the word "charity". When John Burgon, Dean of Chichester College in England saw the change he mocked. This is that Same Dean Burgon who wrote The Revision Revised and subjected the Revised Version to the peer-reviewed scorn that it deserved. At one point he likened the work of the RV translators to a stupid little boy who cannot get it right. He made this statement about the word charity; "What else but a real calamity would be the sentence of perpetual banishment passed by our revisionists on 'that most excellent gift of Charity,' and the general substitution of 'Love' in its place? Do not these learned men perceive that 'Love' is not an equivalent term?" (The Revision Revised page 201)

About 99.999% of modern fundamentalists cannot see the difference between Charity and Love. No Evangelicals can, and the world just loves them for it. It is an issue in which Mormons, Jehovah Witnesses, Roman Catholics and most fundamentalists can hold hands and agree. Picture for a moment a fundamentalist preacher sitting on a stool with a dunce cap on his head. Pinned to his back is a hand lettered sign that says "kick me". In front of him there is a line of salesmen trying to sell him everything from swamp land to the Brooklyn Bridge. In his top shirt pocket is a piece of paper on which can be seen the heading, "Agape (ἀγάπη) always means love".

Agape does not always mean love. I Corinthians 13 is the proof. Is it possible for a saved born again person to not have love? He that loveth not knoweth not God; for God is love, I John 4:8. It is impossible for a person to be saved and to not have love. Yet Paul paints a picture of a person having all faith, which certainly encompasses saving faith, and yet that person lacks (agape, ἀγάπη). It is impossible for that person to be lacking love, so let us look to the context to see what that person is lacking.

What that person is lacking is correct behavior. He is lacking Character. He is lacking the character of love which is called Charity. There was a time when young people growing up in the Western world were taught the character of how to behave. They were taught to longsuffer each other. They were taught to hope all things for each other. They did not think evil towards each other, which means that when an unexplained event occurred they did not immediately interpret it in the most sinister manner as is the habit of some.

They were taught to behave civilly towards their fellow man. They were taught to behave civilly towards their spouse. If you read through I Corinthians 13: 4-7, you will realize that you can do every bit of that behavior towards someone that you have never met before and never loved. You will also realize that you can love someone without doing any of those things. Just ask a newly wed couple having their first real spat if its possible to behave unseemly towards someone that they love.

Oh, the utter folly of the British people and their confederate lackeys in the Western World having rid themselves of that word! Charity never faileth is a double entendre. As a gift, Charity will always be with the Church. Yet Charity itself will never fail to work where it is applied. Whoever coined the phrase "love never fails" is an idiot. The sloppy agoppy (agape) crowd coined one of the dumbest and most destructive phrases ever used. Love fails all the time. God so loved the world, but men still go to hell. Few marriages start without love, but far too many fail. what never fails is the proper behavior. Both Hollywood and modern fundamentalism agree that love is the outward characteristics outlined in I Corinthians 13:4-7. No wonder divorce is so common.

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