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A Joy to Behold

Our household has just received a new Bible from Church Bible Publishers. It is perfect. The good folks at Church Publications have taken the time and energy to weed out the superfluous changes that have crept into the text. I can certify as an historian of the King James Bible to anyone who cares, that the text of this Bible is absolutely compliant with the 7th purification of the King James Bible as represented by the Cambridge Text. This particular Bible is labeled the Turquoise Bible.

You can click on the link to order one in a couple of colors and cover options. I want to praise God for Brother Dennis Deneau and his son Rob Deneau for the hard work and perseverance that they have shown in producing this Bible. They are slowly reprinting each of the Bibles in their inventory to accomplish the goal of being the only major Bible Publisher to achieve and maintain historical accuracy. This site was established to educate its readers as to the grammar, history and uniqueness of the Cambridge Text of the King James Bible. For those who are new to it, I would encourage you to browse some of the back articles on the history of the printing and editing of the text. I would love to see a rash of orders going to Church Bible Publishers. Please support these good people and the Bible they print.

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