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Concerning Peter Heisey

Jesus wept, John 11:35.

For we have not an high priest which cannot be touched with the feeling of our infirmities, Hebrews 4:15.

I have never had the honor of meeting Peter Heisey in person. I have become acquainted with him through his labor for the word of God and have formed a high opinion of his scholarship, love for scripture and personal grace under fire. I have noted that he is a well regarded missionary and his family's missionary card graces many church bulletin boards.

For those few readers of mine who may not be acquainted with Brother Heisey, he is a missionary to the Roma or Gypsy people of Eastern Europe. A couple of weeks ago he suffered a major heart attack that quite frankly gave the medical community of Romania little hope for his recovery in that his brain had suffered oxygen deprivation for a long time. His wife Julie has kept us up with what appears to be miraculous progress that has indeed caused the doctors to marvel.

I am not unacquainted with people trying to recover from brain trauma. A woman who had recovered from such described it as a kaleidoscope. Images and sensations would appear in front of her but they would slip away too quickly for her to react properly. From Julie's descriptions of her husband's reactions it would appear that Brother Heisey is caught right there.

The brain is a marvelous instrument created by a marvelous God. Brother Heisey's brain seems to have been surrendered to the will and glory of God for many years. It is obvious that that the repair of that brain will take those good graces of God that so many of us have heard of and some of us have experienced. Sister Heisey has written glowing reports of the kindness and competence of the doctors who have labored over Brother Heisey.

We can of course continue to beseech our God that this man who has proven himself so valuable to the work of God can continue with that work. Perhaps one great blessing from this tragedy has been that the Lord has revealed Sister Julie Heisey to be such a noble woman. I have marveled over her strength and her great kindness in filling us in on his health and her mixing of scripture in those notices. Peter Heisey has been scheduled to preach at the Black Creek Baptist Church on March 31, 2019. I have not rescheduled that date.

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