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An Update on Church Bible Publishers

The Lord gave the word: great was the company of those that published it, Psalms 68:11.

Church Bible Publishers is the only major bible publisher in the world that has not knuckled under to Scrivener's erroneous edits of the King James Bible. When they first made the decision to purify their stock and to begin printing the Pure Cambridge Bible without the relatively new changes made by Cambridge and then slavishly followed by American printers, they consulted with both me and Matthew Verschuur to insure accuracy.

Matthew Verschuur runs the web site out of Australia. His meticulous comparisons of bibles printed over the years and his compilation of changes frequently made throughout the years in spelling, word choice, punctuation and capitalization have proved an invaluable resource to researchers such as myself. My contribution to discerning the true text of the King James Bible has been my research into the four centuries of editions that have been published as the art of printing became more stable and errors once found could be permanently removed. Printing errors have been a bane to publishing the King James Bible throughout its long history. As those who are familiar with this blog know from reading prior posts, there have been seven purifications of the King James Bible to rid it of printing errors and poor editing. Cambridge finalized that process during WWI and produced the Cambridge Bible that both Matthew and myself as well as many other erstwhile scholars have agreed is the true text of the King James Bible.

When Church Bible Publishers first decided to revert to the Old Fashioned Text they had larders full of less than perfect bibles. As those have slowly sold out, they have been replaced with perfectly printed bibles. As of now, the following bibles are perfectly printed editions, true to King James Bible as it is meant to be printed.

Turquoise Red and Black Letter (145, 130, 140RL, 150RL)

Hand Size Text Bible (180RL)

Wide Margin Text Bible (390RL)

Note Takers red and black letter (400 and 410RL)

Cameo WM (120RL)

There are many colors and leather types for each of the above bibles. Be watching for a Large Print Bible that should come out later this month.

Church Bible Publishers uses a leather press to install their covers that is well over a century old and was purchased out of Vermont. The quality of its covers is simply unsurpassed.

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