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For when for the time ye ought to be teachers, ye have need that one teach you again which be the first principles of the oracles of God; and are become such as have need of milk, and not of strong meat, Hebrews 5:12.

Before we explore the issue of the King James Bible, we need to go back a step. How can a person know that the bible itself is the word of God? Why would God write a book? To answer that, I ask my questioner what distinguishes men from beasts. After some give and take, we boil it all down to three basic things. 1. Men can do far more complex reasoning. 2. Men can express that reasoning in complex language. 3. Men can record that reasoning in writing.

If God wanted to communicate with men, why would he use droughts, lightning or earthquakes? He can move herds of wild animals that way, but with man why wouldn't he use those three distinguishing characteristics to communicate? He did. God wrote a book. There was a time in Western Civilization when most people seemed to know that. Now, through the use of faux philosophies disguised as science, people are educated from childhood to discount God as the creator.

Evolution seems to be the biggest stumbling block that I run into. I ask them to think about each of the incredible exact sciences that men exploit to better humanity. If we consider medicine in its many facets, nuclear science, chemistry, computing, rocket science, biology and microbiology, the study of light or any such study that deals with real facts to produce real results, what would change if evolution wasn't true?

Nothing would change. The theory of evolution is absolutely worthless in any real science. Every physical science that we have today that is practically used to enhance our lives owes nothing to the theory of evolution. What would change are the sociological sciences. Those are philosophical sciences that seek to help humanity by better understanding the human condition and then molding it. They are a hodge-podge of statistics and studies woven together by a common belief that men are evolving and other such philosophies that change with impunity.

Evolution is like the humanities in that it is so unscientific that what was taught in higher education 30 years ago is pooh poohed by academics today. What is taught today will be pooh poohed by academics 30 years from now. I was taught earth sciences in a public school in 1968. I was taught that there are 104 vestigial (or worthless) organs in the human body which are left over relics from our evolutionary past. A doctor today would be horrified at the thought of removing any of them. In fact I doubt that there are any facts that I was taught back then that would survive serious scrutiny today. Evolution is a theory that uses ever changing factual reasoning to survive.

Another avenue that I use to get into the consciousness of my questioners is to remind them of the world condition. What nations of the world are people trying to reach? I used that tactic in Filipino public schools. I would ask an assembly what nation that they would move to if they were kicked out of the Philippines. Inevitably they said that they would choose The United States. I made them choose again. They mostly picked Canada. I kept making them choose again. Slowly they ticked off nations such as Australia, New Zealand, Sweden, Holland or England.

I then would hold up my bible and explain to them that the nations that they chose as desirable nations are nations whose form of government was conceived and implemented by men who believed that they were created by God and that bible was God's word. The nations that believed that they were created but tended to seek other authority than God at the founding of their governments tended to be stale nations that never developed civil liberty on their own such as Portugal or Bolivia. Those nations which were formed by men who swore by evolution when founding them became hell holes on this earth. If there is one thing that Pol Pot, Adolph Hitler, Castro, Mussolini, and Mao had in common it was that evolution was real and that they were men of science helping evolution along.

In other words, if a man of science was to believe the bible as it is written, he would not have to change one iota of what he knows or practices to conform to the bible. Evolution is not scientific. It effects absolutely no science that men are using other than the ever shifting humanities. Furthermore the the best governments on this earth were designed and implemented by men who believed the bible. All deviations from that have wrought hell on earth.

With that all of that as an introduction, I invite them to consider the bible for themselves. Only a fool would disparage a book that he had never read. The real proof of the bible is not so much in the physical sciences but in the work is does on the inside of the person reading it. That is not to say that the physical sciences should be discarded. My favorite book to put into the hands of a would be skeptic trusting his smattering knowledge of science is The Biblical Flood and the Ice Epoch by Donald Patten. It can be found in PDF format online or in used book forums. Donald Patten takes all of the same facts that are used by evolutionists and assembles a far more plausible scenario. He carefully uses true science to demonstrate that the bible is 100 % accurate.

Nevertheless, it is in applying the bible to everyday life that brings its truths home. Eventually, a bible reader delivered from the many philosophies that seek to undermine its credibility will come to realize that the book in his hands is the owners manual written by the one who created him.

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