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Towards a Better Website

The Lord gave the word: great was the company of those that published it, Psalm 68:11.

I have taken a week in which the day by day necessities of being a pastor, a host to a visiting missionary family, and a grieving friend at an all-to-soon funeral have superseded such time as I normally devote to this blog. My heart has been on this blog almost daily. I get notices of people from all around the world looking at the site. I have things to write.

As I have worked with a dear woman in Washington State who has been taking efforts to read all back posts, it has become abundantly clear that the format of this particular blog is not at all conducive to having ready access to past postings. What is really needed is a website that will facilitate a blog, but also will give the curious reader access to all past posts in an understandable format.

On this blog we have historical articles that I am quite sure are unique to this blog. It has pleased the Lord to lead me into historical research that is indeed germane to the subject of the King James Bible but appears to have been hitherto-fore unnoticed by the community of King James Bible defenders.

Paul Scott has contributed tremendous articles on word definitions and grammar that have helped many. It would be good if his writings were more easily accessible. It would also be good if the doctrinal posts either by me or Timothy McVey could be accessed by category or author.

I'm saying all this because there is a need for change, but such change is beyond my ability or knowledge. If I have a reader who feels that he or she has the ability to engineer such a website, I am more than willing to listen. This will not be a paid position. It will probably be a headache. I have been collating all blog posts by copying them to Microsoft Word and I hope to make them available through Kindle or some other outlet.

If you have any thoughts or ideas on this please feel free to email me at

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