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Attracting the Lost

[F]or some have not the knowledge of God: I speak this to your shame, 1st Corinthians 15:34.

Bible believing Christianity of any stripe has lost its influence in most of the public sphere. The major forces in Bible believing Christianity have long ago ceased building their followings from the population at large. Most church building today is done at the expense of weaker less attractive congregations. If a pastor today was forced to start a church with only non-churched members of the general population that he himself wooed to his church and won them to Jesus Christ, he would have naught but his family to attend.

This of course signals the death knell of Bible believing Christianity in the form that we know it today. We have entered an age analogous to the first third of the 18th century wherein the churches of England were stale tradition bound institutions utterly unattractive to the population at large and filled with members who professed faith by rote without the least stirring of the Holy Ghost.

The destruction today is more complete for a couple of reasons. When the Moravians and the Wesleyans began to preach a salvation that was instantaneous, real to the senses, and which utterly freed the conscience, they were mightily opposed by the entrenched church hierarchy. It was the masses of poor laborers who responded to such a gospel. Not one in 100 pastors today have that kind of power with God and with men.

Slowly, the Wesleyans became mighty among the masses, not because they worked their way up in the peer reviewed established churches, but because tens of thousands and eventually hundreds of thousands of plain common people had their lives utterly changed by the grace of God. Since this power is missing in modern day Bible believing churches, power and prestige are sought within the strata of various fellowships and meetings.

This is exactly what is going wrong in the circles of men defending the King James Bible. They spend their time trying to convince people who already attend church and who already profess faith. Why not convince your neighbor that the King James Bible is perfect? Why not build a network of people with whom you can drink coffee, visit their homes, get involved in their lives, and introduce them to the bible?

For this cause also thank we God without ceasing, because, when ye received the word of God which ye heard of us, ye received it not as the word of men, but as it is in truth, the word of God, which effectually worketh also in you that believe, 1st Thessalonians 2:13. Before a person can believe God, they must believe his word. Without getting into the nit-picky nonsense of how much truth has to be in a bible version for a person to understand the gospel, why not take an unbeliever straight to the book of books?

I would rather read a medical journal speculating on whether or not a street urchin on a city street in India can find sufficient nutrition picking for grains of undigested wheat in cow dung, than to parse words over how accurate a bible version has to be for the Holy Ghost to bring a sinner to saving faith in Jesus Christ.

If you take a survey among existing King James Bible believing churches and seek for actual converts by the pastor of that particular church, you quickly see that soul winning is a myth and con game among them. They are too busy trying to keep their flock intact and on the same page, or to entice non-King James Bible readers to switch to the the King James Bible.

Meanwhile an endless parade of humanity passes them daily. They pass out tracts to a people dulled to the message. They pass out tracts to a people who long ago quit believing that there is any such thing as an accurate message from God. Show them that there is. Teach unbelievers that God has not abandoned the English speaking People.

Three hundred years ago, the novel revolutionary message was that God could instantly save a repentant sinner. The entrenched clergy fought that with great vigor. Today, the concept of instantaneous salvation is well understood, but has been replaced with a cheap powerless forgery wherein a person unconvinced by the Holy Ghost and utterly lacking in faith makes a profession of faith. Its effects are almost universal in the population at large.

It is the entrenched clergy of supposed bible believing churches who fight the effort to win those people to true faith. If what we preach is the truth (and it is), then almost every word these men have said to the general population has been wrong or of none effect. The only way out of this mess is to convince men of God's inability to lie and his promise to preserve his word. Then, teach them directly out of a King James Bible until God forms faith within them.

Start teaching doctrine directly out of your King James Bible and quit preaching silly sermonettes. I can testify that the unchurched, unbelieving neighbors around a church will sit on the edge of their seats to hear more truth if you take time in private to show them the wonders of a King James Bible. You can join those few churches that I know wherein those who hold vain belief can come to true bible repentance. Your church will roar with the singing and testimonies of saving grace.

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