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Given to Change

My son, fear thou the LORD and the king: and meddle not with them that are given to change, Proverbs 24:21.

No government has ever functioned perfectly. Even when God wrote all of their laws, the kings of Judah and Israel often failed in executing them. What had made the Western Nations unique in world history had been the use of scripture to slowly purge society of the evils inherent to so many monarchies and tribal cultures.

At no time were these Protestant nations ever perfect. For every great man we study in history, we can sorrow over evils and injustices with which they seemed to live comfortably. It is a good rule when studying an historical figure that we not judge him by today's standards. Instead, look to see if that historical figure stood out for his boldness in standing against some evil of his time. That is a true mark of greatness.

Never, in the history of the world had nations ever been constructed with as much justice and opportunity for all as those nations whose bedrock foundations were based on a common belief in the infallibility of scripture, the right of property, and the equality of man. A study of these nations' histories is a study in a slow and steady improvement in their understanding of equality, of law and human rights. Prosperity and freedom followed.

The 19th century introduced 3 major changes into Western thought that have eaten into the souls of our nations ever since as if they had been a cancer. Men who considered themselves enlightened lusted for changes in the social, economic and scriptural bonds that held our nations together. They picked and dug at those bonds and rejoiced at every tear or break. Eventually, three major disciplines had rival theories propagated that would eventually convert the Western Nations into the mess that they are in today.

  1. Marxism taught that property was not a right. It taught that individual effort was not to be rewarded. In every place where it has ever been implemented, an equality of persons was achieved only by debasing everyone into a stifling and banal poverty. Those of inherited privilege and those of earned wealth were replaced in the social order by government bureaucrats who exercised great power and accumulated great wealth. We are watching as this demonic system slowly strangles our economies and culture as it is piecemeal introduced into our laws.

  2. Darwinism taught men that they were not created by God as they had always thought. Darwinism never contributed to any true science. No doctor will ever develop better procedures by believing it. No physicist, chemist, rocket scientist, geologist, or linguist to name a few will ever need anything of the theory of evolution to understand their respective field. The only "sciences" that spring from Darwinism are the "social sciences" which are rapidly undermining any common sense left.

  3. Westcott and Hort taught an eagerly awaiting public that the bible was not infallible. Within a decade or so of their ideas being published and accepted, the vast majority of those who claimed to believe the bible were split into two major camps, those who believed that the bible was never inerrant, and those who believed that it once was inerrant but no longer is.

The institutions of higher learning became the disseminators of these three pernicious doctrines. The public education systems did their share. Today, it is rare to find a person who believes that he was created, that his right to property is sacred and that God still speaks to man through an infallible bible.

Of these three destructive forces in modern society, the undermining of the bible is the most serious. The bible is the way home. It is the standard by which all thought should be judged. It is the standard by which good government was augmented. The attack on the King James Bible is foundational in the destruction of Western thought. Bible colleges and universities that take a stand against Marxism and Darwinism are essentially fools if they think that they can teach their students to second guess God's absolute standard for judging all things. If the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do?, Psalm 11:3.

Any preacher, professor, or teacher who casts doubt on the King James Bible will be held accountable for the destruction of Western thought. No carpenter could work competently if the lengths of inches, feet and yards were being challenged daily. What discipline of life can be passed on when the measuring standards for that discipline shift? If you teach that one word of a King James Bible is wrong, you teach that it is not infallible.

As fewer and fewer people believe the word of God in any form, and as society becomes more and more perverted, it is useful to remember that there is an absolute standard for all belief and that those who attack that standard in any form are in reality part of the problem. They are not as far down the road as Joseph Stalin, but they are on that same road.

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