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Prepositions and Exactness

And the LORD spake unto Moses and unto Aaron, saying, Exodus 7:8.

I was struck by double use of the word "unto". The Lord spoke unto Moses and unto Aaron. I needn't make a list of how the other versions render that verse. Needless to say, they just say "to Moses and Aaron. That is the sloppy street talk found anywhere in the English Speaking world. Our King James Bible speaks with the precision of a laser. It was written in a time in which men and women were taught to think and reason.

The Lord spoke unto Moses and unto Aaron. His words were directed to go to each of those men individually. Each man was responsible for those words directed right to him. In 1975 I went through Air Force Basic Training at Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio, Texas. When we were instructed in basic first aid, we were taught to look at the standers by, to pick one of them out, point directly at that person and say, "You, go for help".

It was drilled into us that we were not to just shout at the crowd for someone to go for help. That person to whom we pointed knew that he now bore the responsibility to get help. Our King James Bible is written that way. It defies the lazy reader. It is not hard to read, I work with as many poorly educated people as any man I know of, and the Lord has graciously taught them to read his words. What they cannot do is to read without thinking about what they read. Each word is directed exactly to where God wants it to go.

We live in an age where people resent the necessity to read. Even comic books seem dull and lifeless to far too many people. They want a handheld device to keep spinning video after video into their lazy minds. When such people come to the Black Creek Baptist church they invariably complain about the King James Bible. I explain to them that they are not stupid. They are undereducated. I give them a little pep talk about reading a book that has taught men for centuries and they haltingly start.

After about six weeks, I can hear the difference in their speech. They begin to express themselves in far more exacting terms with a greater efficiency of words. They have been plugged into the same text that taught generations of students to read and think. If you read the essays and other literature of the men and women who learned to read and think in bygone days, you will be struck with the great precision with which they wrote. Our students can have that today if we quit treating them like mental invalids.

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