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Savoury Meat

Updated: Apr 23, 2020

Strong meat is a biblical metaphor for the word of God; by this, we look at an old but yet relevant message from Genesis 27.

A blind old saint, who based on his last request is apparently a carnal man, seeks meat in exchange for a blessing. But a plot is hatched for the purpose of deceiving him. A counterfeit is produced, and with subtilty (v. 35) the blessing is stolen by the deceiver.

It took three lies and significant props to convince the old man: “I am Esau thy firstborn…; Because the LORD thy God brought it to me; I am” (thy very son Esau). Eventually, the blind man trusted his feelings (v. 21), and gave away the blessing. He had the wrong meat: it was not exactly what he thought it was.

Modern versions, Greek lexicons, and whatever else out there (including the Green Monster–the New World Bible) claim to be the ‘real meat.’ (Except one, which openly confesses it’s only a paraphrase.) And, sadly to say, the majority of our well intentioned but dim sighted brothers (and dare I say – carnal to the point that they won’t search for themselves but take the easiest way) are deceived. They may initially raise an objection (‘ hmmm, doesn’t quite sound the same…’) and wonder if the authors are truly who they claim to be (vs 22, 24).

“Hmmm, sounds kinda like Virginia Mollenkott , sounds strangely like the Watchtower Society, sounds like Dr. Dry-as-dust, but it feels….well…I guess it’s ok. They say they are scholars…that God helped them…yeah, and it’s gotta be ok.” Consequently, our blind friends fall for the deception and the blessing is lost, stolen.

Personally, many of my friends and acquaintances are not KJV convinced (yet!). I’m not mad at them, I’m sorry for them – they miss a great blessing. A plot has been hatched and a deceiver is at work. They do get fed [that’s debatable], and their tummy is contented; but it’s not exactly the real thing. They miss out. ______________________________________________________ Finally, changing gears a little bit, it’s been brought to my attention that some of my studies and conclusions are in contradiction with others of our ilk. Not in significant doctrinal points, but in finer points of studies. I say this, I’m a student and no expert; I hope by showing my work and presenting the logic / rules I can gain a little credit when I’m wrong! (And I’ve been wrong before… and I’ve been right before too.) I appreciate this forum, and of course, as a student, I recognize the possibility and probability of errors. However, no sweat, no fuss, and no contentious attitude; just thanksgiving for the savoury meat of God’s pure word and for the fellowship with true yokefellow.

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