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The Book is Ready

My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge, Hosea 4:6.

From time to time I have made comments about a book to come. It is now ready. I First published Further Thoughts on the Word of God abut 15 years ago. Even though it went through many printings, it is currently out of print and difficult to find. I have been dissatisfied with a couple of statements in the book and have greatly desired to expand the book and to correct a couple of historical facts. By the grace of God that has been done.

Five new chapters have been added to this book that have doubled its size. Three of those chapters are historical and quite revolutionary to our understanding of the history of the English Bible. The editing process whereby we got our Modern King James Bible is explained in more detail than any single source of which I know, and there are a couple of points that I believe have never made it into print prior to this. What had been chapter 6, Proof For the Scholars is now chapter 7 and has been corrected in couple of points that are explained in The Forward to the New Edition.

For those of you who enjoyed the scriptural reasoning contained in the first edition that conclusively proved from within scripture that a translation can be inspired, they are still there. It still provides the proofs that our King James Bible is the Holy Ghost's interpretation of the words of God in the English Language.

As of today, it is available in the Kindle edition. who currently print a perfect King James Bible will have hard copies available soon.

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