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I John 5:8 Part 1

Updated: Feb 13, 2020

(A reader has commented to me on the following post that even though she agreed with it, she would have found it odd and confusing had she not read my previous posts. Please take some time to read the previous posts. )

A Capital "S" in I John 5:8 is a grief to the Spirit of God and a slam against the deity of Jesus Christ. To understand that statement a few things need to be made clear. To argue that the text proclaims the deity of Jesus Christ in every other place is to fall into the trap that new bible proponents have fallen into. It doesn't bother them how many times the deity of Jesus Christ is impugned as long as they can find it somewhere else.

Anyone who has ever had a discussion with someone who has offered them praise will leave that conversation troubled if the person speaking drops a hint that all is not well. All was not well in the picture of the bible pictured above until my wife crudely crossed through the error and amended it.

Let's start with Genesis 6:3, And the LORD said, My spirit shall not always strive with man. That is a lower case "s" and has been for centuries. Why? Because when the person of Jehovah God is isolated in the text and referred to in his own person as the creator, the King James Bible uses a lower case "s". Why? Because Jesus is the Lord. He is the creator. All things were made by him.

Examine the following verses, Ex. 31:3 where the spirit of the creator is given, Job 26:13 where the creator is discussed are examples. In the seven times in the gospels where Jesus Christ's spirit is mentioned it is always a lower case "s". See Mark 2:8, Mark 8:12, Luke 1:80, Luke 2:40, Luke 10:21, Luke 23:46, and John 11:33. Why? Because Jehovah God is being isolated out in his own person. In these verses we are not talking about an inward working of God or any person of the Godhead, we are talking about one specific person who is the Lord. The King James Bible is unique among the languages of the earth because is so designates the person of Jesus Christ with a small "s" in the word spirit.

I make my students take every single appearance of the word "spirit" in the word of God and categorize them. I am continually reminded by Peter Ruckman's students that Dr. Ruckman taught that the capitalizations of the word "spirit" didn't matter. Both I and my King James Bible disagree.

In my next post I will demonstrate the trinity, not just in I John 5:7, but in I John 5:6-8.

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