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A Book Review- The Word: God Will Keep It

Updated: Feb 15, 2020

Pastor and Author Joey Faust has written one of the most fascinating and helpful books about the King James Bible that I have read in a long time. He has forever shut the mouths of those who claim that the "King James Only" crowd is a recent phenomena with no historical antecedent. In other words, with meticulous research going back century by century, Brother Faust has documented the almost wholesale belief among the common people of England and America that the King James Bible (which they just called the bible) was the word of God itself.

One of the sneering jibes repeated by scholars when confronted by proof of the King James Bible's purity is, "Who ever believed it was infallible before Peter Ruckman?" Faust has answered that jibe. The answer to that is, "Just about everyone." To uncover that research Faust had to mine the archives of the English Bible's critics.

To understand that I will harken to Margret Deanesly's 1920 book, The Lollard Bible. Ms. Deanesly traced the history of vernacular bibles throughout the middle ages. There are almost no records of such bibles except in the archives of the inquisitors who arrested and tortured the bearers of such bibles. Her research is heartbreaking as the evidence against the "Heretics" who dared carry the word of God is documented.

Likewise Brother Faust has gleaned the archives of those who mocked the King James Bible. Century after century they poured out indictments against the "ignorance" of the "deluded" common people who were so ignorant of Greek and Hebrew and so ignorant of manuscript evidence that they regarded the King James Bible to be synonymous with what was kept on a podium in heaven. He exhaustively records the criticisms of high scholars in year by year, decade by decade, century by century detail until the reader is given a very clear view at the universal prevailing belief among the English speaking populations of the world that the King James Bible was the final authority on earth.

Occasionally Brother Faust can quote an actual adherent to the King James Bible, but those are rare. He quotes John Bunyan and forever buries the myth that Bunyan did not use a King James Bible. Reading Faust's excellent documentation the reader can not escape the obvious conclusion that the English speaking world was robbed and defiled by the eventual triumph of those who do not believe that a perfect bible is possible. If the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do? Psalms 11:3.

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