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Leviticus Class

Wherefore the law was our schoolmaster to bring us unto Christ, that we might be justified by faith, Galatians 3:24.

I thought it good to make our readers aware of a class being taught at the Black Creek Baptist Church. Dr. Dale Morey (Click Here for his Testimony) has walked in Christ for 8 1/2 years and has been called back into the prisons from which he came. He heads up Liberty Behind Bars and ministers to the inmates in Monroe County, New York. He is one of three ministers that the jail has asked to continue throughout the Corona Virus lockdown.

It has pleased the Lord to give Dale a good understanding of the Levitical system. Dale has been schooled in letting the King James Bible define itself. I myself was trained therein and by the grace of God it has been passed to another generation.

Our Church gave Dale a degree in bible after he had sat through the prerequisite number of classes here and combined them with the smattering of credits he had from his days prior to salvation. Because Dale has a record as a violent felon we felt it needful for him to earn an accredited Doctorate. He enrolled in a correspondence program in Christian counseling and in a few years graduated with a Doctoral Degree. His status as a felon precludes him ever having a license to practice in the State of New York but to the guards and prisoners in the Monroe County Jail, he is a man of God and greatly beloved.

The current pandemic has greatly curtailed our church services. We live in an area with no fiber optic cables and therefore our church has no conventional internet. The cell phone signals are weak and intermittent. (Thank God there's no TV signal.) We conform to Governor Cuomo's decrees and keep our attendance low. We ask that only those who through work or by living with those who work and are not protected by quarantine come. This has whittled us down to 20 or so from the 65-70 that was normal. We record and post the messages.

Dale has begun a class on the Levitical Sacrifices that has had our few attendees sitting on the edge of their seats. I am providing a link to the first of those classes so that others could get an idea of the grace which we have witnessed in this teaching. (Click Here for the first class.) You can follow the links to the rest of the classes or to other preaching both here in Black Creek and a few other places.

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