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What is meant by the Pure Cambridge Text?

Updated: May 9, 2020

For verily I say unto you, Till heaven and earth pass, one jot or one tittle shall in no wise pass from the law, till all be fulfilled, Matthew 5:18.

A reader sent me a question in which he asked, "What do you mean by The Pure Cambridge Text?" In the early days of this blog, I posted much on the perfection of the Cambridge Text of the King James Bible as opposed to other publishers' texts, and of my concern over the subtle changes recently made by Cambridge and some Fundamentalist Printers. Here are three early posts: (Click here), (here), (here).

It is not easy to do, but if a person was to scroll for quite a while, he or she could get to the first page of the blog and follow through. We eventually hope to have it all tabulated but it is currently only partially so. As our readers have seen, we write on many subjects. Nevertheless, the blog is named for my passion to awaken the world of King James Bible believers that there really is a perfect King James Text and that that text was perfected through seven works by editors over a 300 year period of time.

The same God who promised to preserve even the jots and tittles of scripture is certainly able to preserve a perfect English Text. We have explained the differences in orthography from 1611 until now, changes that sometimes confuse people, (Click Here). We have shown that the original King James Bible was handwritten, (here). We have published posts to show how various King James Bibles have been edited over the centuries, (here).

By the term Pure Cambridge Text, I refer to a perfect King James Bible as it was printed between the end of WWI and until 1985, but is now being printed by Church Bible Publishers. If you were to look at the English Bible on a pulpit in heaven, it would match exactly. Every word, every letter, every punctuation mark, every verse marking, every italicization, and every subscript and title would be exactly what God the Father thinks of when he considers the English Bible.

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